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7 Ways to Cultivate a Powerful Morning Practice

Apr 01, 2024

Nourish Your Spirit in the Second Half of Life

I'm wondering...what does your typical Monday through Friday morning look like?  Do you slog out of bed and rush through the morning to get to work, put in your eight hours, come home, fix dinner, watch tv, fall asleep and do a repeat every day?  OR are you mindfully starting your day with intention to create the most amazing day you can?  

Entering the second half of life marks a significant time where priorities often shift, perspectives deepen, and the quest for meaning intensifies. In this transformative phase, nurturing the spirit becomes paramount, and establishing a morning practice infused with intentionality can profoundly enrich the journey ahead. Here are seven ways to cultivate a morning routine tailored to nourish your spirit in the second half of life:

1) Start Your Day with a Positive Thought:

On my phone I have an alarm set for the morning and it is labeled, "Wake Up and Bless the Day!" You can choose any thought such as, "Thank you Lord for this Day." or "Today is going to be a great day!" or any other positive thought that will spark your day and set you on a path of joy. You do not have to set your alarm, but you could have it in writing somewhere to remind you to think that thought. It could be a sticky note on your nightstand, a message on your daily calendar, or in your habit tracker on your phone (if you have one).

2) Embrace Stillness and Reflection:

Begin your day with moments of stillness and reflection. Dedicate time to deepen your spiritual connection through meditation. Engage in mindfulness practices that quiet the mind, open the heart, and cultivate inner peace. Whether through breathwork, visualization, or mantra meditation, allow yourself to sink into the depths of your being and connect with the divine presence within. In the quietude of the early morning hours, take time to center yourself, connect with your innermost thoughts and emotions, and set intentions for the day ahead. Embracing this practice fosters clarity, peace, and a sense of purpose as you navigate life's complexities. I often spend time in individual or guided meditation. I listen to Mindtrx paraliminals to set my mind on a positive note and train my non-conscious brain to think powerful thoughts. I love the idea that we get to start fresh every day!

3) Engage in Soulful Movement:

Incorporate gentle, soul-nourishing movement into your morning routine. Whether it's a serene yoga flow, a meditative walk in nature, or mindful stretching exercises, moving your body with intentionality not only enhances physical well-being but also fosters a deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit. I am not a morning person, so my movement begins a bit later in the day; however, when I do start earlier, I generally feel better throughout the day. You get to decide, but some movement during the day is better than no movement.

4) Cultivate Gratitude Through Journaling:

Dedicate time each morning to express gratitude through journaling. Reflect on the blessings and abundance in your life, acknowledging the richness of experiences, relationships, and lessons learned. Cultivating a mindset of gratitude sets a positive tone for the day and invites abundance and joy into your life. For three years when I worked in corporate America, I would use a notepad at my desk for all kinds of things. On the top page of the notepad I would write the date and one thing I was grateful for - even if it was the pen in my hand. There is always something. This practice is powerful because gratitude is the foundation for all blessings.

5) Savor Nourishing Breakfast Rituals:

I am one of those people who is not hungry first thing in the morning. I generally imbibe in my bullet-proof coffee mixture and enjoy that during the first hour of my day. This staves off hunger and my eating starts a bit later. You have to do what feels nourishing and natural for you with regard to breakfast. That is why I don't necessarily recommend starting your day with breakfast, but more of a ritual that honors your body and soul. Mindfully prepare and enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, or a nutritious meal, where each sip or bite is savored and enjoyed with gratitude and appreciation. This simple act of self-care sets the foundation for optimal health and vitality as you embrace the day ahead.

6) Immerse Yourself in Nature's Healing Presence:

Commune with nature as a source of solace, inspiration, and renewal. Spend time outdoors immersing yourself in the beauty and tranquility of the natural world. Whether it's a leisurely stroll in the park, tending to a garden, or simply basking in the morning sunlight, allow nature to replenish your spirit and invigorate your senses. If you can't get outside, perhaps you can watch a show on nature, or listen to a track on Spotify of nature sounds combined with music meditations.

7) Set Intentions for Soulful Living:

What does it mean to set an intention? It means to make a plan with purpose and meaning. Before embarking on the day's activities, take a moment to set intentions for soulful living. Reflect on your core values, aspirations, and desires, and choose intentions that align with your deepest truths. By consciously guiding your thoughts and actions, you empower yourself to live with purpose, authenticity, and grace. This is a very powerful practice and when done regularly, will make decision-making and living through the day more easeful, and way less stressful.

In the second half of life, embracing a morning practice that nourishes your spirit is not just a luxury but a necessity. It provides a sacred space for self-care, reflection, and spiritual growth, empowering you to navigate life's complexities with wisdom, resilience, and grace. By prioritizing the cultivation of inner peace, joy, and connection each morning, you lay the groundwork for a life filled with meaning, fulfillment, and soulful abundance.

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