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Lisa Kneller 

Transition and Transformational Coach 

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Move through Life's Transitions with Confidence and Ease

Through Insight and Intention, life becomes more joyful, easeful, and fun!

Hi!  I'm Lisa, and I am a transition and transformational coach for women in midlife.

I help women go from confusion, doubt and feeling directionless, to clarity, confidence and inner-compass driven, through my transformational process.

My specialties include:

  • how to live more skillfully in self-care
  • creating better relationships 
  • identifying vocation and meaningful work

Through a mix of coaching and proven methods to gain confidence and purpose, I give you the tools to create a fulfilling, satisfying, and rewarding life.

Common life transitions for women:

  • Being unhappily married to being happily divorced
  • Going from motherhood to empty nester
  • Shifting from overweight to ideal weight
  • Moving from no confidence to great confidence
  • Jumping from job/career to entrepreneur
  • Downsizing from family home to retirement home
  • Feeling a lack of purpose to full of purpose
  • Suffering an unhappy marriage to creating a happy marriage 

My promise is to give women a safe space to explore, and find their own insight which creates lasting change.

I can help in the areas of relationships, mind-body wellness, career shifts and job satisfaction, self-image/self-concept, spiritual and personal growth, money/finance, recreation and lifestyle design.

My nearly 20 years of teaching yoga to people from all over the world, my education in undergraduate and graduate school, and my experience in higher education, give me a unique ability to guide people in making helpful decisions and transform for more skillful living.

I take a holistic approach, making sure to include all the parts of ourselves in our work together. This includes mind, body, spirit work, personality study, and the energy to which we connect for optimal functioning.


Finding your purpose means moving forward

After raising my children, I wondered what was next for me.  It's a challenging transition to go from serving as a mother to being a mover and shaker.  I discovered that not only was there life after kids,  it can become even more meaningful, and we can continue to have an impact on generations to come.  


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Lisa asked the right questions and facilitated a connection that allowed me to see obstacles, clearing the path for me to move forward in my life. Thank you Lisa, you are a blessing!


Randie Hersey

Catherine Z

Coaching with Lisa has been one of the best experiences and opportunities I’ve had to work on myself. She has helped me gain insight and made more progress using her services than I ever did working with a therapist.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Lisa was a great guide to helping me work towards goals I have and she has a wonderful listening ear. I would 100% recommend her to anyone wishing to grow as an individual and achieve their goals. Lisa is extremely compassionate and genuine, and I am lucky to have experienced some life coaching with her help and expertise!   

Rian Kahn

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