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Are you ready to change your life?


Ask I feeling imbalanced in any areas of my life...

my relationships, career, health, finances? 

Do I need support in managing my mind or behavior around any of these areas?  Am I concerned about the meaning of life or finding my life's purpose?  Do I feel stuck?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, you could benefit from coaching.

Working with me is simple.  First, we have a conversation which I call a consult.  I ask you questions; you ask me questions, and we determine if there is a good fit.  If you are ready to invest in yourself, we will talk about the various options and cost of working together.  

I have a process.  It involves finding out where you are right now in several areas of your life, and where you want to be in the future.  

I have tools which include understanding foundational concepts about life, mind/body/spirit practices, personality psychology, habit creation skills and much more.  

I can help you recover your identity, find your purpose, create a life of meaningful service, improve your relationships, reinvent your lifestyle, get healthier, and create a life you love.  

You Have Choices!

I offer a variety of ways you can work with me from receiving my free stuff including a complimentary exploratory coaching session - up to a year of coaching for maximum results.  

Free Stuff

Take the leap:  One time VIP Brainstorming Session

8 Week Reinvention Program (coming soon)

Cruise Control

Cruise control is where you can coach with me for six months or a year if you need more time to work on you and your self-care in all the areas of life such as spiritual, relationships, health and wellness, career, money, intellectual/personal development and leisure/recreation.  This is weekly coaching where you have someone to listen to you each week and focus on your prioritized needs, your desires, your mind and body and your plan of action.  This kind of coaching is invaluable as it sets you up for long term success in all the areas of your life.  


Everyone can benefit from having a coach, but those who actually hire one will change their lives!

If you're happy with the way things are, there's no reason to hire a coach.  If you have fear about checking it out, just know that the consult is just a phone/Zoom call.  There is no pressure to hire me.  You will either be inspired to get coached or you won't.  Click the image to the right to book a call.

It's Your Time!

Life is short.  The time is now.  Don't you think it's time to take care of you?  A stronger YOU results in a strong community around you.  It's not selfish.  Invest in yourself and become a better, more fulfilled version of yourself.  Click the image below to book a call.