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Reduce your Stress with one Simple Hack

Jul 30, 2023

As I sit here fuming about the fact that my air conditioning went out one week after moving into my new house, I am questioning if I actually practice what I preach.

Everyone knows that moving is one of the most stressful events in life, right up there with getting married, having a baby, and starting a new job.

I live in Phoenix and it's July. It couldn't be much hotter. Many people who lose their air conditioning here have to suffer the heat, swim in their warm pool, or get a hotel.

While I am feeling the stress of the move and the loss of my air conditioning, I realize that it is just a circumstance. It isn't good or bad, it just has certain effects, one of which is that I need a place to stay.

Choosing my thoughts is what will affect my day or week.  I am a big believer in choosing the feelings we want to have and the thoughts that support those feelings.

I can think, "This sucks. I hate the heat. I can't believe the A/C went out this soon after moving into my new home. This is so inconvenient. My week is going to be terrible until this gets fixed."

Events in and of themselves are not stressful. It is the thoughts that make us feel stressed out. Here are some different thoughts to run with:

"I'm not surprised the a/c went out. The inspector guy said it probably would soon. I am so lucky my daughter lives a few minutes away and I can stay with her. My A/C will be fixed soon, and we have a home owners warranty that will pay for it. It could be worse. I am really going to enjoy my house when it cools off."

Think of a circumstance that you think has stressed you out. Was it the circumstance itself that made you feel stressed? Or can you think of all the thoughts you had in your brain that made you feel stressed?

Here's the hack:  If we upgrade our thoughts, we can upgrade the way we feel - under almost any circumstance. This is not to say that we have to think positive thoughts all the time or that in the event of a really tragic situation, we shouldn't have certain thoughts. But the majority of our situations can be viewed as just that - a situation. Not good or bad. It just is. That's why I love the phrase, "It is what it is." will I think about it?

As always, I am a thinking partner for your life's biggest challenges. Reach out and schedule a coaching consult with me to see if coaching would be a good fit for you!