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Spirituality in the Second Half of Life

Jun 10, 2024

I am in a spiritual mood. 

I mentioned this on Facebook and almost no one cared.  But I care.  I care that people develop and enjoy a spiritual practice - even if they don't believe in God or a higher power.  

Spirituality is the foundation for a well-lived life.  It comes in so many forms that there's no reason not to pick one.  It is the key to happiness.  

I recently did a podcast on this topic, so that women in the second half of life come to terms with their spirituality or lack thereof.  

In the podcast, I go over a lot of the ways we find and practice spirituality.  





Reading spiritual texts

Practicing yoga and other mind/body forms of movement

Attending church services

Attending retreats and personal development seminars

and more...

Spirituality informs us as to the human condition.  It teaches us things like compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, experiencing the dark night of the soul, ascending to higher planes of consciousness, and how to BE in the world.  

It helps us find our best self and our shadow self.  One of the greatest spiritual tools I have come across is the Enneagram.  It helped me understand my personality in great detail and also the personality of my loved ones.  This has helped me tremendously in my relationships and practicing compassion for myself and others.  

If you don't have a spiritual practice - and it could be tiny - like just reading a little something inspirational every day, I highly recommend that you give it a try and find out if it's helpful.  I believe in thinking and doing things that are helpful in life.  It makes life much easier.  

By the way, you do not have to attend church services to be a good Christian or a spiritually wise person.  There are so many ways.  Listen to the podcast on Apple or Spotify and let me know what you think!  

 Reach out if you need any support in developing this part of your life.  

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