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Prayer Requests and Wishes

Jun 03, 2024

Having been part of a spiritual community, I know that prayer requests and prayer teams are a thing where people can express their concerns and know that their community is covering them in the blessing of prayer. Prayer is commonly thought of as communication with God which could include praise, gratitude, presenting problems, and asking for favor or help.

As I was leaving the yoga studio the other day, I noticed a bowl of prayer requests and that it was full.

I had seen prayer request receptacles in churches, but never in a yoga studio.

This bowl was full and I got to thinking...people have concerns. They have unmet needs, difficulty in relationships, illnesses to heal, fears to quell, addictions to stop, and they need support.

In this case, they feel they need the support of prayer.

It could be a prayer for a loved one or for themselves.

If someone said to you, "do you have a prayer request? If so, I'll pray for you." What would you say? What would you write down on the prayer request?

I would ask for prayers for my niece who is challenged with breast cancer. More importantly, I would see what I could do to help her. When you are someone who prays or are connected to the greater consciousness, you are more open to the ideas on how to be helpful.

Who in your life needs prayers? You? Someone you love?

Wishes are a little different. Wishes are something people would like to have but aren't ready to create.

Wishing you can have a better relationship, a better career, make more money, settle a dispute, own a business, travel more, overcome addiction, or be healthier is just a pipe dream. A pipe dream is a fantastical or impractical idea or hope that is unlikely to be realized - UNLESS you decide you really want that thing. Of course your wish would need to be turned into a practical goal. Then, when you decide you really want that can get to work on creating a plan to accomplish the goal.

My hope with this blog post is that you take a minute and ask yourself, what would I ask for if others are willing to pray for me to get it?  Or, what do I need to pray for, for myself?

And...if I had a wish, what would be something that is possible, within my abilities to create, and I'm willing to throw my passion AND prayers behind?

Then, as you move forward, what kind of support do you really need?

You can pray for ideas to make your wishes become reality.

I think the most unhelpful thing is to just let life happen to you...or someone else...without prayer, without wishes, and without support.

Others can wish for you and hope for you all day long, but all that wishing and hoping is just a thought saying...I have no control over what happens to you, but I do encourage you.  Best wishes for a happy  marriage; best wishes for your new job; best wishes for getting what you want in life.  These are wonderful and kind-hearted thoughts, yet they are mostly encouragement.  We are the ones in charge of the way things turn out.

What do you think?

What kind of support do you need? Prayer? Actual help? Information? Encouragement? Accountability?

Let me know if you have a prayer request; I will pray for you!  

Let me know if you have a wish; I will help you turn it into a goal!

Let me know if you need encouragement; I will help you find the courage to create what you want!

Let me know if you need listening; I will listen to you!

As always, I'm curious to know what you think.  Leave a comment!  

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