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What does it mean to change your life?

Jan 21, 2024

Last weekend I attended a personal development seminar which quite honestly, I wasn't excited about attending. It started on Friday night at 6:30pm and went to 10:30pm that evening. The next two days were scheduled for 10am-7pm and that seemed like a long time to me. Also, the drive was 35 minutes each way, so you can imagine why I wasn't excited to spend my whole weekend away from home and driving that much.

This seminar was a requirement for being in a mastermind group of which I am a member, so I was obligated to go.

I decided to go with an open mind. Having studied personal development for over 25 years, I wasn't sure I would learn much of anything. The truth is, you can always learn something when you attend these kinds of events.

A few insights came to me that are share worthy and are already serving me well. is a 10 point synopsis of the nuggets acquired during this very long weekend.

1) Belief = information you acquire that you are in agreement with. I never really looked at belief that way. I thought it was a series of thoughts that when strung together, you just believed. Or you believed something because of an experience you had, and that was proof that something was true. If you understand that information is just information until you decide to buy into it and agree that it's true, you will have more power to make decisions that benefit you. Religion and politics come to mind.

Oftentimes, belief turns into an internalized state or even fanaticism. That's why we struggle with certain family members during the holidays. Some of them come with such strong beliefs that they can't operate without espousing, convincing, and converting others. They believe it's their job. Once you understand that and also know that what they do is out of your control, you can begin to set boundaries that make you feel safe. Easier said than done, I know...but I can help you with this.

2) Your thoughts are highly dependent on the programming of your brain through experience and whatever knowledge you agree with. We often run on auto-pilot because we don't understand that the trauma and experiences with other humans formulated beliefs about ourselves and others. This is why some people grow up being prejudiced or fearful of different belief systems. It could be the impetus for their constant anger. Their subconscious mind runs the show and the conscious mind just accepts it - until it doesn't. Until you do some personal development...meaning understanding the reality of human nature and raising your level of may continue to operate on a more frustrating level.

3) There is knowing and there is possibility. Everything else is a choice. If you understand that you can know something and you can choose to agree with it or not, that is freedom. If you read the Bible for instance, and you get the information, you can either agree that every word is true and it is the word of God, or you can be open to the possibilities that it could be a bunch of other things...wisdom literature, a book of history, an inspirational guide, a rule book, anything you want to believe about it you can. You are not going to go to hell if you don't believe it is the word of God; however, be clear that some people will believe you will go to hell. It's for you to decide if you agree or not. Is there a hell? Do we actually know for sure? Most people would probably agree that we don't really know. But some will cling to the thought that they do know.

4) Information is disseminated through language. Language is what we use to communicate. Without language, we have no identity. The understanding and correct use of language is the answer to enlightenment. Now that is a thought I choose to agree with. You may not. Think about the misuse of language and how people make assumptions about things all the time. Especially about the things people are thinking. The truth is, we don't ever know what someone is thinking until they share their thoughts. How we communicate makes all the difference in the world. Language creates differently with each thought or group of thoughts. Consider the thought, "I'm not good with computers." That thought creates differently than, "I am getting better with computers." If you think it's a fact that you aren't good with computers, you will not be good with computers until you shift the thought and start working on that skill. The truth is, you can be skilled with computers.

5) Intended purpose is everything. If you decide on a course of action, all the information and the how to's will come to you. You must have faith in that. It is very simple.

6) Visualization is extremely powerful. You must work on your subconscious mind in order to help your visualization come to life.  This takes practice.  Visualization should be part of your daily routine if you are wanting to make big shifts in your life.  Practice training your brain to see what you want to create.

7) We naturally want other humans to survive. This is shown over and over again through the selfless actions of others.  Think 9-11.  From rescues of humans and animals, to creating all kinds of social services for our fellow humans, we want others to survive and thrive. I help humans more on the thriving part, while others are helping humans to survive.

8) Striving for win-win situations will be the best kind of energy output you can create. In gaming, there is naturally competition; but even the losers are gaining some kind of skill. Still, in life and business, if we can think of the success of others as well as our own, we bring more safety, peace, and harmony into the world. How can you create win-win scenarios in your life?

9) Your early childhood was the fertile ground for your mental and physical growth. Your stories about yourself and other humans stem from that. If it was painful, that is going to affect your mental health. If it was joyful, that is going to affect your mental health. We must come to terms with our past, process our trauma, and live in the present with greater awareness of all the things - our thoughts, our tendencies, our personalities, our behavior, our realities. You can decide if you want to heal, to live with more awareness, and to view your future in a more positive way.

10) You have but one life. I agree with that thought. I do not agree with the thought that we get many chances, as in the system of reincarnation. I believe this is it. We are always being. We can observe our being. We can shift our being. If you need help in working through these ideas, you might consider attending a personal development seminar, getting trauma therapy, or coaching with a life coach. These professionals are trained to help you manage your thoughts, emotions, and actions so you can function in a way that feels safe, joyful, and with inner contentment.

Personal development seminars change your life for the better. They help you see things you didn't see. It's new information. You can agree with it or not, but it is an opportunity for you to look at the universe and your life from a different angle. Many addicts and other miserable people have changed their lives and have realized greater happiness and potential as a result of attending these kinds of seminars. This is a very good and positive thing!

I'm really glad I attended the seminar. It gave me food for thought. It gave me this blog post. It also affirmed many things I already agreed with. I highly recommend attending a personal development seminar in your city. In Phoenix, the one I recommend is The course is powerful and very reasonably priced. If you are outside of the Phoenix area, still connect with this organization, because they offer workshops or talks remotely and would be happy to offer you and your team/organization some options for participation.

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