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Navigating Big Life Changes

Jul 23, 2023

Have you gone through a big life transition lately? 

I have.

We downsized our house recently from 2800 square feet to 1900 square feet.  As of this writing, we just moved into our new house.  While I am really happy to be here, I have contemplated how I would have done this well with an unmanaged mind. 

What I mean by doing it well is having moved without too much stress, trauma, anxiety, relationship struggles, or exhaustion. 

When it comes to doing things well, I think it has to do with skillful living.  Check out my blog post on how I define skillful living.   

An unmanaged mind can result in all the things I listed above, and with dire consequences.  A managed mind is one that is calm and in charge.  I credit my flourishing practices such as reading, meditation, yoga, walking, rest, relaxation, eating well, and getting coached for helping me navigate my life transitions - including this last move.  

I will admit, I had a little stress, anxiety and exhaustion along the way, but it could have been way worse.  I happen to be someone who thinks ahead and stays highly organized for big things like this.  I'm good at planning, packing and making sure everything gets done in a timely manner.  

There are other big life transitions:  a layoff from work, job change, career shift, beginning an entrepreneurial journey, marriage, divorce, blended family, death of a loved one, relationship challenges, hormonal changes, aging, caregiving, moving to another state or country, and many others. 

When we are mentally and emotionally healthy, it's still hard, but it's even harder if we have some instability in our mental, emotional and/or physical health.  That's why it's so important for self-care to be a priority in life.

What are you going through - or what do you anticipate going through in the next year, two years or ten years?  Do you think and plan ahead?  Are you ready for what comes and can you navigate that without fear?  Can you be sure you will experience less anxiety, stress, emotional turmoil, or energy depletion?

Personally, I have a good support system and I employ a coach to help me with certain things.  

If you feel uncertain about your future or are contemplating a big change, reach out to me for a complimentary coaching session.  No cost except an hour of your time.  It can change your life!  

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