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Language as a Portal to Greatness

Apr 13, 2024

There once was a little boy named Steve. Steve had a troubled childhood. Really hard. He had so much potential though, and one day he decided to grow into that potential. Even as an adult, he struggled, but he chose to live in the positive. He learned how to love and use positive language with himself and others. Today, Steve teaches people how to believe in themselves. He exudes so much love that it's almost like being in the presence of God.

What is greatness?

How to you know when you are in the presence of human greatness?  Well, I think you feel welcome and accepted.  Great humans also stuff their egos in the suitcase and almost never let them out of the bag. Greatness includes being loving, being skilled, and living on purpose.

Has someone ever made you feel small? Have you ever been lifted up by someone?
The truth is, we are responsible for our own feelings. You can make yourself feel good or bad, depending on what you are thinking, and on what you make things mean. If someone tries to make us feel small with a snide or derogatory comment, it's really because that person most likely suffers from insecurity and small thinking. We do not have to believe what they said. This month, I am dedicated to sharing my thoughts about powerful thinking. Small thinking and powerful thinking are choices, but only available choices after waking up to reality. The reality of who we really are at our core and the way the world works.

Greatness comes from the human mind and connecting to God and reality. When we connect to our true nature - the essence of love and pure potential - and combine that with positive intelligence and appropriate language, we can do great things. Like helping other people see the best in themselves. Do you look for the best in others first? Or do you go straight to judging? Many people bypass the reality that others have greatness in them and make decisions about people with very little information.

Language is the combination of words we use to communicate. We can communicate really well, or really poorly. When we use language that is in line with reality, we will most likely experience a life well-lived. And that's what I want for you. A life well-lived. That means a life with very few relationship conflicts, regrets, work dissatisfaction, and confusion.

Power language is using words and phrases that guide us into certain action. Here are some opposite phrases that create differently.

I'm really bad at sales. versus I am going to master sales.

Sales is sleezy. versus Sales is service.

I've always been a bad public speaker. versus I have great speaking potential within me.

My husband is a jerk. versus My husband has great qualities.

My kids are leaving me. versus My kids are spreading their wings.

I'm an imposter. versus I am expressing myself and learning as I go.

I'm not worthy. versus I've always been worthy.

I'm a good wife.  versus I am the best wife in the world.  

Do you see how saying and believing certain words would create differently? And what I mean by create is that we manifest what we believe and say, and this is just the way the world works. We aren't born with all the skills in the world; we are born with potential and the innate worth to pursue that potential. When we aren't being all we can be (on the positive side), we will most likely create from a mind of mediocrity. We will just go through the motions in life without going deep and getting the most out of it.

I think in order to get this, you have to come to terms with who you are at your core.

Are you loving, generous, kind, patient, wise? I know you can at least relate to those terms. Are you frustrated, bored, indifferent, self-centered, lazy, or harsh with people? Who do you want to be? I think that is the question. Who do you want to be and how do you want to be?

If you don't believe in something but want to believe in it, you can work on belief. So the thoughts you would repeat to yourself would be, "I am working on believing this thing." Whatever it is. That thing could be...I am working on becoming great at sales. I am working on believing I can make more money. I am working on believing that I love my body. You do not have to hate your body. If your body doesn't measure up to what you or someone else's standards are, you can still be kind to it. You can try to understand why you believe what you believe. If what you believe isn't serving or helping you, it's a good idea to break down where you got your belief and then start restructuring your language.

Having a good and successful life depends so much on language. "I love you" are the three most powerful words in the English language. Even more powerful is "I love me." If you struggle loving yourself, you must start there. You must say it to yourself, begin to believe it...even if you don't at first, keep saying it until you believe it.

Decide on who you want to be. Living in the positive and speaking in truth and love wins every time. You can cultivate powerful thoughts and ways of being. When you do that, your life will be well-lived and happy. You will make others happy, and you will light up your little corner of the world.

So cultivate a powerful language that helps you. If you need help, reach out. Coaches like me help people reach new and better levels of success through strategies just like this.

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